Bringing People Together

When you come to work for Makka Constructions you join a team that is committed to their customers. You join an experienced team that will exceed expectations every time. We offer opportunities and experiences that help you grow and advance in your career. We are constantly evolving.

We are always on the lookout for individuals who are passionate and want to join our team. We want to change people’s lives for the better and we have the experience to pass that on to young aspiring individuals.

We pride ourselves on a company culture that puts our employees first.

Taking on apprentices’ means we can train them to our unique way of building. Prior experience is not necessary but passion and commitment is what we want our apprentices to aspire and be at the top of their game. The high-­‐end projects they will work on means everyday their skills will improve as they work on delivering exceptional results.

Being an apprentice with Makka Constructions means you will learn from the best using a varied skill set on each project. You will work with expert builders on a wide range of different projects.

Gaining Apprenticeship work?

A builder’s apprenticeship means that like every other apprenticeship it is open to anyone of working age. A secondary school certificate or any other qualification isn’t required; you simply need to be passionate about your area of work. It is all about having the patience to listen and learn on the job.

Anyone can enter an apprenticeship: high school leavers, adults looking for a career change and also those who are re-­‐entering the workforce.

Even if you are at school and completing your final years you can still start your apprenticeship.

Makka Constructions are open to full time, part-­‐time or via school apprenticeships. At the end of the day it will depend on the individual preference and our current work demand.

Throughout the apprenticeship you will earn a wage that is scaled depending on experience and how far along you are in terms of your training. Once the apprenticeship is completed it is a nationally recognized qualification. At Makka Constructions we will help you achieve your apprenticeship goals.

As an apprentice builder what work will you conduct?

As an apprentice you will construct, erect, repair and finish both wooden and metal structures and fixtures across a broad range of buildings. This will entail anything from homes to retail spaces through to large-­‐scale commercial or historic buildings.

When you work with the Makka team you will install doors and windows, construct house frames, construction of formwork for concrete, timber floors, construction and installation of pre-­‐ fabricated buildings… The possibilities are endless and invaluable to take with you throughout your career.

This apprenticeship will involve working with your hands so you need to love doing that as well as enjoying the great outdoors. You need to be able to work solely and in a team environment.

Why choose to work with Makka Constructions?

You will learn from the best and your apprenticeship will be fulfilled not only ticking all the boxes but whole-­‐heartedly you will enjoy the varied work each day.

We routinely work on residential/retail developments, retail stores and large commercial buildings. We even delve into heritage projects, which means you will gain exposure to different architectural styles and the type of building that compliments each area. If this is where you belong we will awaken your passion and exposure to thinking outside the square.

Our Values Are Our People

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • People
  • Efficient practices and policies

If you are interested in starting your apprenticeship with us do not hesitate to get in-­‐touch with our friendly Makka Constructions team today.

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