Makka Constructions does not skimp on quality and that is our promise to you. Starting off from the initial design and planning stages to construction and final delivery when the keys are placed in your hands we deliver what has been discussed every time. We are there to balance the competing needs of cost, scope and schedule.

Our whole construction and handover process is simple and easy for you to understand once you choose Makka Constructions as your preferred builder.

Our three (3) step design construction management process allows us to examine risk factors and provide the most cost effective solutions.

We PLAN, CONSRUCT & EXECUTE using our specialized multi-­‐disciplinary team of qualified consultants and sub contractors to analyse what is required of the project, review the processes and the costs to ensure smooth delivery whilst being on time and within budget.

In the early stages of the planning process we collaborate with our clients and team to set the project up for success. A thorough risk analysis allows in the reduction of the development time and cost. This is where most efficiencies and savings opportunities are captured when a comprehensive and accurate scope of work is established.

We want to understand your project needs and goals and this is why our meetings are imperative with you before we map and plan the whole process. In this early stage we can discuss green options.

Throughout we maintain a clean, safe work environment that has allowed our business to grow.

Upon execution it is imperative that there is a seamless transition and that we minimise issues that may arise. Health and safety, trust in our consistent performance, standard of operation and maintenance issues can be affected at anytime when we transition to occupancy or operation.

Our Makka Constructions checklist prior to handover (close out phase) helps you have confidence in our finished product:

  • Defect list prepared and ticked off until resolved (zero defects)
  • Certification requirements are met
  • Construction close out documents such as Warranties & Manuals must be handed out
  • Access to the site
  • Ongoing client service access

Your project might be finished with us but our customer service continues long after the project is completed. We want you to be happy, feel relaxed and ensure that your home, commercial, retail premise meets our high quality standard expectations.

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