CEO Pierre Makhlouf

“Exceeding Expectations Every time”

I live and breathe the three “e’s” everyday that are the foundations of my company and have been committed to my clients the day I started this business back in 2004.

Slowly building the company from the ground up, I have enjoyed a decade of success and have been able to live through the GFC and economic slow downs.

COVID-19 has seen a surge in projects as we come out of it slowly but renovations on a smaller scale have been strong throughout. If there is one thing that COVID­‐19 has taught everyone is that the most important thing to us is our lifestyle – where we live, work and play.

The company’s vision and values provide new customers with confidence that their projects will be completed to the highest standard.

My attainment of an Advanced Diploma in Construction and a Master’s Degree in Construction Management coupled with extensive experience enables me to provide clients with outstanding service, quality construction management and solid fixed price contracts sticking to client budgets.

I am very down to earth and being passionate in my business as well as my personal life has seen both areas flourish. Having my beautiful wife Danielle by my side with three active sons John Pierre, Isaiah and Nicholas keeps me on my toes and I would not have it any other way.

One thing I can guarantee is that by choosing Makka constructions you will have 100% attention on your project on hand and the best highly qualified team in their fields of expertise every time.

Choose Makka today and I will personally see you shortly to discuss your project and organize my team to work with you on your project.

Pierre Makhlouf

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